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City of Palm Coast

Citizen Engagement Survey

Our mission is delivering exceptional service by making citizens our priority

  1. Demographically we are no longer a retirement community
  2. Allowing commercial vehicles overnight in driveways is business friendly
  3. It makes it easier on our businesses and their employees to conduct business by using home driveways as their “base”
  4. Allowing commercial vehicles is respectful to business, trade people and employees
  5. Vehicle graphics and signs should not matter and help business
  6. Allowing this eases the financial burden on business and employees
  7. Allowing allows easy access to work supplies and materials saving employee time and money.

  1. A significant reason resident choose to live here is the aesthetic environment
  2. Allowing commercial vehicles in driveways invites business activity into residential neighborhoods
  3. Business activity can occur in early morning, late night or on call hours
  4. Allowing changes residential character and is not harmonious with community
  5. The City will be unable to regulate any content of vehicle signs or graphics.
  6. Allowing the change negatively impacts residential property values
  7. Commercial equipment, chemicals and supplies do not belong in residential driveways.

Survey Question

Would you be in favor of amending the Code of Ordinance Sec. 44-34 (C) to allow ONE commercial vehicle (passenger car, panel van, pickup truck or similar) with advertising markings to park in a residential driveway?

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