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Main City Number / Customer Service
(386) 986-2360

Animal Control
(386) 986-2520
Building Insp. & Permits
(386) 986-3780
Business Tax Office
(386) 986-3766
Code Enforcement
(386) 986-3764
Communications & Marketing
(386) 986-3708
(386) 986-3723
Human Resources
(386) 986-3718
Fire (Non-Emergency)
(386) 986-2300
(386) 986-3730
Parks & Recreation
(386) 986-2323

Flagler County Info Line
(386) 313-4111
Flagler County Sheriff
(386) 437-4116

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Land Development Code

The City has developed this Unified LDC to implement its Comprehensive Plan and to streamline the development review process. The LDC sets forth regulations, requirements, and procedures governing the use and development of land for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City and to enhance the appearance, function, and livability of the City, to the end of improving the overall quality of life within the community.

Land Development Code Technical Manual

LDC Technical Manual Supporting Files

If you experience any problems with the Land Development Code or the Technical Manual please call (386) 986-3736.