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The Code Enforcement Section enforces a broad range of land use related ordinances to assure that a healthy and safe environment is maintained for the residents of Palm Coast. Enforcement Services are provided in response to citizen complaints, but work efforts also include proactive enforcement programs and educational components designed to promote compliance with adopted regulations. When necessary, enforcement may be achieved through either the Civil Citation System or through actions by the Code Enforcement Board. The Code Enforcement Board has the authority to levy a fine of up to $1,000 per day (more for repeat violations).

General Codes

Trash: (Palm Coast Code Chapter 41) The City's solid waste contractor picks up garbage twice per week and yard waste and recyclables once per week in the residential neighborhoods. Pickup days vary according to the neighborhood and street. Currently, this service is provided by Waste Pro of Florida for a flat fee billed to each resident's monthly utility billing. Waste containers should be placed curbside no later than 6:00am on the day of scheduled pick-up. However, they may be placed curbside anytime after 6:00pm the day before the scheduled pick-up. Likewise - any empty waste containers must be removed from the street no later than 6:00am the day following the scheduled pick-up. Except when placed for collection, waste containers must be screened from public view. Littering or debris disposal is not allowed on private or public property.

Recycling: Recycling is encouraged, but is not required. Each residential household receives one recycle bin. An additional bin can be obtained by calling the City's customer service department. A fee will be charged to the monthly utility billing for each additional bin requested thereafter. Items eligible to be recycled include office paper, newspaper, corrugated cardboard (flattened and broken down to size not exceeding 3' x 3') junk mail, glass bottles, aluminum/steel/tin cans, and plastic jugs with the numbers 1 though 7 listed on the bottom. RECYCLE BINS CANNOT BE USED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN RECYCLING. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE GARBAGE OR YARD WASTE IN THESE CONTAINERS.

Residential Hazardous Waste: Residential doorstep household hazardous waste removal is provided monthly by reservation only. Waste Pro must be called directly at (386) 586-0800 to schedule a pick up. A sample of items eligible for doorstep household hazardous waste pick-up include batteries, paint and paint supplies, used oil, fluorescent light bulbs, household cleaners, pool chemicals and some herbicides and pesticides. Please call for a complete list of eligible items. Hazardous waste must be placed either at your front door or garage door and NOT at the curb.

Trash, Litter & Debris on Construction Sites: (Palm Coast Code Chapter 41) Trash, litter, and debris on construction sites must be contained.

Yard Waste: Yard waste need not be bundled or containerized, but it should be of an amount and size that can be handled by one person. Any yard waste pile of a size that requires a claws truck, or other mechanical means of removal, may be subject to an additional charge paid directly to Waste Pro.

Garage Sales: (Palm Coast Code Chapter 16, Article V) Up to two garage sales per year may be held at the same location, and up to four families may join in a garage sale. Sale hours are restricted to between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. All offsite signs are prohibited. Garage sales are effectively advertised in local publications.

Bulk Trash: Bulk trash is picked-up on the second garbage pick-up day each week. Bulk items include furniture of any type, mattresses, lawn mowers (with all fuels/oils removed), televisions and gas grills (propane tanks removed).

White Goods:
White goods are picked-up be appointment and include applicances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators (with doors removed), small air conditioning units, water heaters and dishwashers. Call the City's customer service department to schedule an appointment and allow 3-5 days for pick-up.

Complaints that should be referred to the Flagler County Sheriff's Department: (386) 437-4116

  • Loud & raucous noise between the hours of 5 pm and 7 am.
  • Construction crews working before 7 am and after 6 pm.
  • Parking vehicles on the street.
  • Parking vehicles in the swale between prohibited hours of 1AM to 6AM
  • Parking vehicles on undeveloped vacant lots.

Complaints that should be referred to Palm Coast Animal Control : (386) 986-2520

  • Animal cruelty or abandonment
  • Loose or unattended animals
  • Long and continuous barking dogs
Code Enforcement
Phone : (386) 986-3764
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Barbara Grossman
Code Enforcement Manager
Code Enforcement
Phone : (386) 986-4739
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Luis Mendez
Code Enforcement Supervisor
Code Enforcement
Phone : (386) 986-3776
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164