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Green Building

Building Department Hours : 8am - 5pm

Click here for information on the City's Green Building Incentive Program.

What Is Green Building?

A green building:

  • operates energy efficiently
  • conserves water
  • is comfortable, safe and healthy
  • is durable and maintainable with minimal environmental impact

Green Building

Why Build Green?

Florida's per-household consumption of electricity is among the highest in the United States, largely because the State's hot and humid weather drives up electricity demand for air-conditioning.

Since Florida builds an average of 160,000 new homes each year, and Census Bureau data reveals that Florida will rank third in terms of population in 2010, the construction of energy-efficient buildings alone would significantly reduce Florida's energy consumption. So why else should you build green?

Maintenance & Operations

Streamlining cleaning and maintenance in commercial buildings can lead to improved occupant health, better building durability, and financial benefits, which include:

  • 15-30% savings on cleaning costs
  • 35% energy savings
  • 20-60% water savings

Did you know Florida Power and Light offers the following rebates/incentives for 'going green'?

  • FPL will review house plans, provide information and advice on energy efficiency of home, calculate future energy savings, inspection, certification
  • Roofing and ceiling rebates – up to .11 cents per square foot
  • Solar Pool Heaters – rebates up to $100.00
  • AC System - Rebate off the purchase price of central A/C unit based on the efficiency rating and size of your new system
  • A/C duct tests - Rebates up to $154 per central A/C system for single-family detached homes; up to $60 for multi-family, single family attached homes, manufactured and mobile homes
  • Pv Installation – Rebates calculated at $4.00 per rated watt; maximum rebate of $20,000 of installation.
  • Solar water heating – rebate up to $500.00
  • Contact Florida Power and Light for information (800) dial-FPL, (800) 342-5375.

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