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Contractor Permit Types

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Single Family Residence

Please refer to this Q & A document located on the Building Services page with detailed information about the permitting/building process and how to navigate the requirements - https://docs.palmcoastgov.com/departments/building/new-builder-welcome.pdf

We have tried our best to provide all the information necessary on this page to help you understand the process for permitting your project from beginning to the end. 

All communication is made through automated email notifications - please be sure to verify we have your correct email address on file. 

The processing time for the permit is usually 5 business days.    

During the review process, if any additional information is required, you will receive an email with the details. Revisions may be submitted once all outstanding reviews have been completed. We do not accept submittals during an open review cycle.    Revisions can be submitted in the same manner you applied for the permit (manually or online)

If required, a swale plan will be provided within 2 months following the issuance of the building permit and will be available to you online

Water and Sewer locates will be identified on a site plan during the review.  If your lot requires a PEP tank, the electrical panel must be located on the side of the home the PEP tank is indicated.  A revision is NOT required for submittal if the proposed panel is on the opposite side, this can be a change made in the field without any paperwork approvals. 

Water and Sewer fees will be collected at the time of the permit issuance.  (The application is part of the required documents for submittal)

When the permit is made ready, payment can be made online through our website.    If you have submitted online, the approved documents can be downloaded from our website.    

You may schedule inspections by calling 386-986-4747 or through this website.

All approved documents are required to be available for the inspector when he arrives.   The inspector will sign your job card if the inspections passes.   

Disapprovals will be left at the job and emailed through the automatic notification system. 

You can follow the progress of your project from start to finish on our website - https://www.palmcoastgov.com/eplanreview

To make application for a permit, you must be registered in our database - http://docs.palmcoastgov.com/departments/building/contractor%20registration%20form.pdf

You can check our existing contractor database to see if you are registered here - https://www.palmcoastgov.com/search/contractors

Once you are registered, you have the option to use our online permitting system.  This also includes all subcontractors identified (elec, mech, plumb, roof)

Important Information

  • A foundation survey must be submitted prior to any vertical construction.

  • A final survey is required prior to all final inspections.

  • A termite certificate is required  prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

  • A Blower Door Test form is required prior to the issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

  • Re-inspections are charged at $40.00 and fees do not have to be paid during the construction.

  • Revisions are charged at $40.00 (be sure a revision sheet located on our website accompanies your paperwork for proper routing)

The permit will remain active for six months from the date of issuance, and then six months from each passing inspection, if the permit expires without the required inspections, a new permit will be required.

Prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, all fees must be paid,  a termite certificate, blower door test and duct leakage report must be submitted.    You may email those forms to buildingdivision@palmcoastgov.com  or submit them through the online permitting portal.   

What is required to apply for a permit?  

  • Permit application

  • Signed and sealed construction drawings.

    • Engineered truss / roof framing plan with a signature and seal by the home's design engineer   

      • ​Roof Framing may be a deferred submittal if you are unable to obtain the documents at the time of submittal.  A request on your letter head will need to be submitted with the application. 

    • Plans submitted electronically must be sealed with a digital signature, we will not accept photocopies of a signed and sealed document.

  • Product approval specification sheet

  • Electrical load calculations 

  • Color and material sheet

  • Energy calculations

  • Roofing worksheet

  • Proof of ownership - recorded deed or property appraiser printout

  • Construction lien law affidavit signed by property owner (not required if contractor is property owner

  • Application for Water and Sewer

  • Elevation certificate if property is located within an 'A' zone

  • Site plan

    • Dimensions and setbacks to property lines

    • All flatwork to include pads

  • Site plans marked 'LOCATES'  for water and sewer locates to be identified during the review process.
  • Boundary survey

    • Must include flood zone

  • Landscape plan

    • Include tree sizes, shrub size, type, and automatic irrigation system if required

    • Foundations plantings for front, side street and rear structures facing canals, lakes, golf courses, and public right of ways.

  • Tree survey

    • Survey to be no more than 24 months old

    • Identify all protected trees by species name, and size of trunk measured at the diameter at chest height

  • Topographic survey

    • Reference the 198 NAVD datum/lot grading.  Include driveway width at property line and at the edge of pavement and the distance from the proposed driveway flare to any road intersection within 75'

    • Grade elevation profile drawing is required when the proposed structure is on a saltwater canal lot

  • Notice of commencement (certified copy) this is required for any improvements to your property greater than $2,500.The notice of commencement is to be filled out, and recorded with the Flagler County Clerks office in Bunnell. It is not required at the time of permit issuance, but will be required prior to any inspections.

Get the estimated cost of your permit here - http://www.palmcoastgov.com/government/building/fee-calculator

You may make application using our online permit submittal - http://www.palmcoastgov.com/eplanreview

(A signed permit application will not be required for upload if using the online submittal portal)

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