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Contractor Permit Types

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Swimming Pool - Commercial

We have tried our best to provide all the information necessary on this page to help you understand the process for permitting your project from beginning to the end. 

Once you've made application, the permit is usually ready within 5-10 days.   If any additional information is required, you will receive an email with the details. 

Once you have received your permit, the job card will outline what inspections are necessary for your project.  You may schedule the inspection by calling 386-986-4747 or through this website.  All approved documents are required to be available for the inspector when he arrives.   The inspector will sign your job card if the inspections passes.   

You will need to be on the site to give the inspector access to the job if it is not accessible. 

The permit will remain active for six months from the date of issuance, if the permit expires without the required inspections, a new permit will be required.

PLEASE NOTE:   The Final inspection will not be performed and a a certificate of completion or occupancy may not be issued until an operating permit has been issued from the Department of Health.  

What is required to apply for a permit?  

  • Permit application

  • Health Department Operating Permit or receipt letter from FDOH for Operating Permit application.  (The local enforcing agency may not issue a building permit to construct, develop, or modify a public swimming pool without proof of application, whether complete or incomplete, for an operating permit pursuant to s. 514.031. A certificate of completion or occupancy may not be issued until such operating permit is issued. The local enforcing agency shall conduct its review of the building permit application upon filing and in accordance with this chapter. The local enforcing agency may confer with the Department of Health, if necessary, but may not delay the building permit application review while awaiting comment from the Department of Health). http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0500-0599/0553/0553.html

  • Signed and sealed drawings

  • Total dynamic head calculation worksheet OR sealed calculations

  • Survey / site plan

    • Size, dimensions, overall deck square footage

    • Setbacks to all property lines from deck/enclosure

    • Equipment and door pads

  • Notice of commencement (certified copy) this is required for any improvements to your property greater than $2,500.The notice of commencement is to be filled out, and recorded with the Flagler County Clerks office in Bunnell.It is not required at the time of permit issuance, but will be required prior to any inspections.

Estimate the cost of your permit using the fee calculator  - http://www.palmcoastgov.com/government/building/fee-calculator

You may make application using our online permit submittal - http://www.palmcoastgov.com/eplanreview

(A signed permit application will not be required for upload if using the online submittal portal)