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Contractor Permit Types

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Telecommunication Tower or Antenna

Requirements below are applicable for any new tower or modifications to an existing tower. 

The City of Palm Coast has updated it's Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) Ordinance and developed a Wireless Master Plan.  

The goal of the City's WCF work is to improve and expedite the WCF application and location process.  

 To submit for permit application to the City of Palm Coast

  • Permit Application  - signed by the license holder

  • Compliance letter - site specific    (Agreement to comply with all FCC rules regarding interference to other radio services and compliance with all FCC rules regarding human exposure to radio frequency energy) 

  • Site plan to include all property lines, existing structures, proposed structures /concrete

  • Structural plans/analysis signed and sealed by a licensed Florida PE

  • $3,500 plan review fee

    • Structural plan review is performed by a third party reviewing agency.  This fee is to be paid at the time of submittal to begin the review.  If submitting manually, it will be paid at the time of submittal, if submitting online, once the application has been accepted, the payment can be made online and you will need to notify the building department the payment has been made so the review can begin. 

  • A certified copy of a recorded notice of commencement will be required prior to the commencement of work and any inspections. (For properties NOT owned by the City)

  • An Engineer letter of Certification is required when the project has been completed.    This is to be signed and sealed by a professional engineer reprepsenting that the engineering services addresed therein, as defined in Sectino 471.005(7), F.S. have been performed by the professinoal engineer, and based upon the professional engineer's knowledge, information and belief, and in accodrance with commonly accepted procedures consistent with applicable standards of practice, and is not a guranty or warranty, either expressed or implied.  

Application must be made by the general contractor.  The contractor of record will be contacted once the permit is ready for issuance. 

Check here to see if a contractor is registered in our database - https://www.palmcoastgov.com/search/contractors

To register, please follow these instruction - http://docs.palmcoastgov.com/departments/building/contractor%20registration%20form.pdf

You may make application online if your documents are electronically signed and sealed.    PLEASE read the online submittal requirements to ensure the upload and file naming requirements are met.  

If submitting online, a permit application will be automatically generated for an electronic signature by the contractor when ready to submit.