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Building Department Hours : 8am - 5pm

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The 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Codes and 2014 National Electric Code is effective for all permits applied for on or after December 31, 2017. An analysis of the changes between the 2014 & 2017 codes with comparison tables for each of the codes (Building, Energy Conservation, Existing Building, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, Plumbing and Residential) can be found at the following link: http://www.floridabuilding.org/fbc/links_to_code_resources.html.

Electrical code information - http://www.nfpa.org/codes-and-standards/all-codes-and-standards/list-of-codes-and-standards/detail?code=70&year=2014.

Building Services is responsible for receiving building permit applications, assuring contractors are properly licensed and insured, reviewing plans for compliance with the Florida Building Code, routing applications to other departments for review, issuing permits, performing inspections and maintaining records.

Homeowner Permitting
Contractor Permitting

Permitting Application Documents
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Change of Occupancy

A change of occupancy permit is required when there is any change to the occupancy. Once completed, this form may be emailed to buildingdivision@palmcoastgov.com for review. When the permit is made ready, you will be notified and payments and inspections can be made at this link under the guest access - https://www.palmcoastgov.com/eplanreview - please be sure to include a valid email on the application.

Once the inspection has been scheduled and approved, a certificate of occupancy will be issued.

Homeowners - Protect Yourself

If your contractor fails to pay subcontractors or material suppliers, they have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property. This claim in known as a construction lien.

Detailed information may be found in Florida Statute 713 Part 1 http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0700-0799/0713/0713.html

If you have questions legalities of the Florida Lien Law, please contact an attorney for advice.


Building Services
Building Services (386) 986-3780 buildingdivision@palmcoastgov.com
Building Plan Review
Jerry Hindman Senior Building Inspector /Plans Examiner (386) 238-8027 jhindman@palmcoastgov.com
Fred Reodica Plan Examiner (386) 986-4734 freodica@palmcoastgov.com
Daniel Rewis Plan Examiner (386) 986-4736 drewis@palmcoastgov.com
Fire Plan Review
Jerry Hindman Senior Building Inspector /Plans Examiner (386) 238-8027 jhindman@palmcoastgov.com
Building / Fire Inspections
Charlie Mini Chief Building Inspector/Supervisor (386) 864-9059 cmini@palmcoastgov.com
Daryl Rockwell Building Inspector (386) 931-6056 drockwell@palmcoastgov.com
Joe Colasanti Building Inspector (386) 585-2432 jcolasanti@palmcoastgov.com
Robert Martin Building Inspector (386) 559-0729 rmartin@palmcoastgov.com
Lee Miller Building Inspector (386) 295-7300 wmiller@palmcoastgov.com
Mark Gibson Building Inspector (386) 302-3457 jmgibson@palmcoastgov.com
Mike Williams Building Inspector (386) 235-7620 mwilliams@palmcoastgov.com
Jerry Hindman Senior Building Inspector /Plans Examiner (386) 238-8027 jhindman@palmcoastgov.com
Planning / Zoning Services
Zoning (386) 986-3751 planningdivision@palmcoastgov.com
Zoning Plan Review
Teresa Williams Planning Technician (386) 986-2655 tawilliams@palmcoastgov.com
Alisha Mobley Planning Technician (386) 986-4733 amobley@palmcoastgov.com
Jacqueline Gonzalez Senior Planning Technician (386) 986-3753 jgonzalez@palmcoastgov.com
Planning Plan Review
Damaris Ramirez Planner (386) 986-3750 dramirez@palmcoastgov.com
Ida Meehan Senior Planner (386) 986-2482 imeehan@palmcoastgov.com
Bill Hoover Senior Planner (386) 986-3744 bhoover@palmcoastgov.com
Building Services Supervisors
Rick Lee Chief Building Official (386) 986-3786 rlee@palmcoastgov.com
Barbie Bembry Permitting Supervisor (386) 986-3785 bbembry@palmcoastgov.com
Planning and Zoning Supervisors
Ray Tyner Planning Manager (386) 986-3745 rtyner@palmcoastgov.com
Tracey Doak Zoning Supervisor (386) 986-3751 tdoak@palmcoastgov.com