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Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees

The City of Palm Coast currently has six (6) Volunteer Boards and Committees that advise and make recommendations to City Council and City Administration. In the past, the Boards and Committees were established through an Ordinance; however, new Boards and Committees are now established through Resolutions, which provides for its purpose, responsibilities, powers, staffing and, if applicable, defines qualifications of members and terms for appointed members.

Applicants must be registered voters of Flagler County to serve on any Board or Committee. All Boards and Committees are subject to the Florida Government in the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law.

Additionally, the City makes citizen appointments to countywide and regional advisory committees, the Flagler County Housing Task Force/Affordable Housing Advisory Council and the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization.

The Beautification and Environmental Advisory Committee, Code Enforcement Board, Planning and Land Development Regulation Board, and the Volunteer Firefighters' Pension Fund Board, are required to complete Form 1-Statement of Financial Interests. The members of these Boards must file a Financial Disclosure Form under Florida Statutes with the Supervisor of Elections upon appointment to one of these Boards. A yearly update must be sent to the Flagler County Supervisor of Elections. The remainder of the Boards and Committees serve as advisors to the City Council and are not required to file Financial Disclosure Forms.

Beautification & Environmental Advisory Committee

Resolution Number 2006-07, adopted on February 21, 2006, established the Beautification and Environmental Advisory Committee. The Committee will identify issues within the City of Palm Coast relating to the beautification, scenic beauty, natural resource, conservation, aesthetic enhancements, environmental protection and other related matters and to evaluate and consider ways that could be implemented within the City to address them. The Committee may make recommendations to the Planning and Land Development Regulation Board with regard to Comprehensive Plan amendments and land development regulations involving its areas of review.

Term : 4 Years
Term Limit: 2 Consecutive Terms

Code Enforcement Board

Ordinance Number 2000-41, adopted on August 1, 2000, established the Code Enforcement Board. The composition of the Code Enforcement Board, whenever possible, should include an architect, a businessperson, an engineer, a general contractor, a subcontractor and a realtor. The intent of the Code Enforcement Board is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Palm Coast. The Board has the authority to impose administrative fines and other non-criminal penalties; and, to provide equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive methods of enforcing any code and/or ordinance in force in the City. The Code Enforcement Board has the authority to subpoena alleged violators, witnesses and evidence to its hearings, take testimony under oath and issue orders having the force of law to command whatever steps are necessary to bring a violation into compliance.

Term: 3 Years
Term Limit: 2 Consecutive Terms

Planning and Land Development Regulation Board (PLDRB)

Ordinance Number 2000-39, adopted on August 1, 2000, established the PLDRB. Pursuant to Florida Statutes and the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act, the PLDRB is designated as the local planning agency. Responsibilities for the PLDRB include making recommendations to the City Council regarding the Comprehensive Plan and land development regulations. Further, the PLDRB reviews the land development regulations and, where necessary, suggests amendments to the regulations for consistency and to ensure that they complement the Comprehensive Plan.

Term: 4 Years
Term Limit: 2 Consecutive Terms

Volunteer Firefighters' Pension Fund Board

Ordinance Number 2002-15, adopted on July 2, 2002, established the Firefighters' Pension Trust Fund. The Volunteer Firefighter Pension Fund Board was established in March, 2003. The Board is solely responsible for administering the trust fund. The Board shall be a legal entity with, in addition to other powers and responsibilities contained herein, the power to bring and defend lawsuits of every kind, nature and description in the subject matter jurisdiction.

Term: 2 Years
Term Limit: Indefinite

River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization Advisory Committees

The River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO) is a regional agency that develops transportation plans and programs for portions of Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler County, Beverly Beach, and all of Volusia County. As a member of the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO), the City appoints Palm Coast residents to the following TPO advisory committees:

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC is responsible for providing citizen input to the TPO concerning transportation planning and programming; for reviewing of all transportation studies, reports, and plans and/or programs; and for making recommendations to the TPO that are pertinent to the subject document.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

This advisory committee is responsible for reviewing plans, policies and procedures as they relate to bicycle and pedestrian issues in the TPO planning area. In addition, the BPAC is responsible for the review and ranking of bicycle and pedestrian project applications submitted on an annual basis.

Term & Term Limit: Consistent with other City Advisory Committees, the term will be for four (4) years and two (2) consecutive terms.

Flagler County Housing Task Force/Affordable Housing Advisory Council

This advisory body makes recommendations to the Flagler County Board of Commissioners regarding specific initiatives to encourage or facilitate affordable housing in Flagler County. The City appoints a resident of the City of Palm Coast to this advisory body under the following categories

  • A citizen representing essential services personnel
  • A representative of residential home building industry

Term: 4 Years
Term Limit: No Term Limit

Serving on a voluntary citizen Board or Committee is an excellent opportunity to pursue interests in local governmental activities. The Boards/Committees offer invaluable insight to the City Council, City Staff and the entire community. All interested citizens are encouraged to apply for any opening/vacancy that is advertised.

Should you require additional information, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (386) 986-3713.

City Clerk
Phone : (386) 986-3713
Fax : (386) 986-3714
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
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