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Palm Coast FiberNET

Connect your business at light speed using City of Palm Coast FiberNET network

The City of Palm Coast's FiberNET – the Palm Coast area's only all-fiber network for high-speed Internet, telephone and other telecommunications services – is open for business.

The FiberNET fiber optic network covers 50 miles of major roadways in Palm Coast and already connects city facilities, Flagler Schools, and more than two dozen businesses. Fiber is currently available along Palm Coast Parkway, Belle Terre Parkway, in Town Center and along the U.S. 1 corridor.

"Fiber is fast and reliable and offers businesses advanced broadband telecommunications services," said Beau Falgout, City of Palm Coast senior economic development planner. "The city is excited to offer this new option as part of its 'Find Your Prosperity' economic development and business recruitment efforts."

The City of Palm Coast is currently partnering with two Internet Service Providers (ISP), Palm Coast/Flagler Internet and DataCom, to make the network accessible to businesses. A variety of packages are available, depending on the business' needs. The city offers standard pricing to the ISP and helps it get businesses connected to the FiberNET network.

The city established FiberNET in 2007-08, and the network has grown each year. Because the system utilizes a dedicated fiber optic cable, the broadband speed for Internet, telephone and other services stays at a constant fast speed – not lagging during peak usage times.

As FiberNET continues to expand, the city hopes to add municipal wi-fi spots at parks and other public facilities and to use the network for traffic and emergency management.

To connect your business at light speed, contact Palm Coast/Flagler Internet at (386) 445-3600, www.pcfl.net, or DataCom at (386) 449-8520, www.datacomvoice.com. The city does not sell these services directly.

For more information about FiberNET, visit www.palmcoastfibernet.com or contact City of Palm Coast Information Technology & Communications Director Steve Viscardi at (386) 986-4732.

Creating new jobs

The City of Palm Coast is aggressively undertaking economic development and business recruitment efforts to increase the competitiveness of existing businesses in the city and to attract new businesses. The goal is to give Palm Coast a forward-focused economic base capable of creating jobs and increasing wages. A key part of this effort is to offer additional telecom choices for businesses and to give those businesses increased access to advanced broadband telecommunications services.

To meet this goal, the City is opening its existing fiber network for commercial and business use. The City will not sell broadband services itself, but will operate the network as an "open access digital highway." As with conventional transportation roadways, the City will build and maintain Palm Coast's digital roads, but private businesses will use the system to deliver broadband services. This approach creates unlimited opportunities for telecom providers who can offer a wide variety of services on the network for very low cost.

Businesses will be able to order services from a variety of providers, including some of the same companies that already offer telecom services in Palm Coast today. For example, the system is likely to have several VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone choices available. Customers will pay the provider a monthly fee, and a portion would be returned to the City by the provider in return for using Palm Coast FiberNET to deliver the service.

Attracting new businesses

The service-based approach will be extremely attractive to business owners and entrepreneurs who can move to Palm Coast knowing that their company will have a choice of telecom services and affordable Internet access. Palm Coast will be one of just a few communities in the United States with world class telecommunications services and unlimited bandwidth for its business community.

Combined with the great local climate, plentiful office space, affordable cost of living, and outstanding recreational opportunities, Palm Coast intends to be one of the best communities for business in the United States.

About Palm Coast FiberNET

The City of Palm Coast is making its high performance fiber network available for business and commercial use in Palm Coast. The goal of this effort is to create business opportunities for private sector service providers, lower the cost of telecom and broadband for local businesses, and to help attract new businesses and job opportunities to the City. Broadband connections to businesses will provide Internet access, a wider variety of telephone, videoconferencing, and other business class services.

Local Businesses interested in service, please contact one of our service providers:

Palm Coast/Flagler Internet: pcfl.net
DataCom: www.datacomvoice.com

Phone : (386) 986-4732
Office : City Hall
160 Lake Avenue
Palm Coast, FL 32164