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Emergency Management

Storm Recovery

Assess your shelter for damage. Assess the area outside your home for damage and take a look at power lines or other potential hazards. Do not turn on utilities until you are instructed to do so. If you are using an emergency generator please follow the safety instructions included with your unit and do not plug the generator in to your main electrical supply lines. Not only do you risk the safety of your home, you could endanger workers trying to restore services. If you have sustained damage that makes staying in your home a threat, please do not stay and try to ride it out. Find alternate shelter and have a professional assess and repair damage.

Be alert for displaced wildlife and protect yourself accordingly. Standing water can be a refuge for snakes and other undesirable encounters; do not allow children to play in standing water.

Flooding is a part of a large storm event and we urge that you assess any situation thoroughly before venturing out. If you cannot readily discern the depth of standing water do not attempt to drive through it or wade into. What appears to be calm on the surface may have a very strong undercurrent and pose a significant danger.

Depending on the severity of the damage, debris pick-up will either be collected by Public Works personnel or through a debris management company contracted out by the City. In either case, debris should be placed curbside as soon as possible following the storm. Care should be taken not to place debris in the roadway or obstruct a fire hydrant or mailbox.

Heavy rains that are common with many types of storms will cause flooding in swales. It is important to remember that the swale is designed to hold water. In the event the flooding is so severe that it is threatening to enter your home, please call Customer Service at (386) 986-2360.

Do not approach or try to move downed power lines from the roadway. Additionally, do not attempt to remove trees that are leaning on power lines. Public Works cannot move these either. Please call FPL at 800-4-OUTAGE to report this.

Trees that are down in the right-of-way will be removed by Public Works. Please call (386) 986-2360 to report this.

Solid Waste collection will resume its normal schedule as soon as possible following any event. Your household solid waste, recyclables and yard waste can be placed in its normal location for collection on your scheduled days. Remember that yard waste must be bagged, bundled, or containerized for collection. Excessive tree debris may be collected as an expanded service after a storm when moved to the right-of-way. Bulk items such as large furniture and materials relating to construction, may be collected as expanded service as well. Construction debris is not included in normal collection service. For additional questions please call (386) 986-2360.

Traffic signal outages can be reported to Customer Service at (386) 986-2360.

Downed street and stop signs can be reported to Customer Service at (386) 986-2360.