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Main City Number / Customer Service
(386) 986-2360

Animal Control
(386) 986-2520
Building Insp. & Permits
(386) 986-3780
Business Tax Office
(386) 986-3766
Code Enforcement
(386) 986-3764
Communications & Marketing
(386) 986-3708
(386) 986-3723
Human Resources
(386) 986-3718
Fire (Non-Emergency)
(386) 986-2300
(386) 986-3730
Parks & Recreation
(386) 986-2323

Flagler County Info Line
(386) 313-4111
Flagler County Sheriff
(386) 437-4116

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is my Utility bill due?
The balance of your Utility bill is due upon receipt. The date provided on the bill is not a due date; it is the date that late charges will be applied to your account if the balance is not paid.
How can I pay my Utility bill?
There are several ways to pay your Utility bill:
  • Mailing in a check with your Utility bill.
  • Using our online Utility Billing Service.
  • Dropping off your payment at our drop-off box in front of the Utility Office located at 2 Utility Drive, Palm Coast.
  • Using automatic payment via your bank account or credit card.
How can I sign up for automatic payment of my Utility bill?
Use this link to sign up for our self-service automatic deductions by checking account, savings account or credit card. **Please note: You will not be able to sign up until you have received your first utility bill.
Are there any additional fees for using Online Utility Billing or the Automatic Payment features?
No, there are no additional fees for using any of these features.
What are the current rates for Utility services?
Please visit the Utility Rates Page for information on the current rates.
My water has been shut off, what do I need to do?
If your water service has been disconnected due to non-payment, you will need to make a payment on the account. For more information on paying your Utility bill, view the second question listed above in our FAQs.

If you are a new Customer and would like to establish service, you can download the Application For New Service Form, and submit it to the Utility Department or apply for new service online by using this form.
How do I apply for a new Utility Account?
You can apply for a new Utility account by downloading the Application For New Service Form, and submitting it to the Utility Department or by applying for new service online using this form.
My water bill is showing high water consumption. What should I do?
If your water bill is showing unusually high consumption, you may want to check for a leak. A leaky toilet, faucet or underground pipe can cause drastic changes in your water bill. First, start by checking for leaks around the house (toilets, sinks, outside spigots, etc.). If no leaks are noticed around the house, you may want to check for an underground pipe leak. Here's how to check for an underground pipe leak:

Make sure ALL water in your house is off. Make sure your hot water heater isn't filling up, the washing machine and dishwasher are both off, outside spigots are off, etc. Once you have made sure there is no water running at your residence, locate your water meter. Your water meter is equipped with a small triangular dial (usually red) that shows when water is being used. If all the water at your residence is turned off, and that small triangular dial is spinning, it is an indicator that you may have a leak. In that situation, you may want to contact a plumber or the Utility Department to get assistance from a trained technician.

If the dial is not spinning and you don't suspect a leak, there may be other reasons why your water bill is unusually high. Guests staying at your house can cause water usage to rise, as well as activities such as filling a pool or kids playing outside in the water. People have also had water stolen from them through the outside spigots of their home. If you suspect that someone has been stealing water from you, you can purchase a spigot lock from a local hardware retailer.
I need the change the mailing address for my account. How do I do that?
Contact Customer Service at (386) 986-2360, or by submitting your request using the Citizens Issue Tracking System. You can also submit a change of address by writing the new address on your Utility bill and submitting it with your payment.
There are discrepancies on my bill. Who should I contact?
Contact Customer Service at (386) 986-2360, or online via the Citizens Issue Tracking System.
The amount that I owe shown online and on the bill mailed to my house are different. Why did this happen and what should I do?
It is possible that activity has transpired on your account since your bill was mailed out, causing the difference in the balance due shown online verses the amount shown on your printed bill. A payment being processed or new charges being added to your account after your bill has been printed would cause this difference.

Checks can take up to 10 days to process. If after 10 days your check payment is not credited to your account you may want to inquire with your bank regarding the check.

If you still have questions regarding your bill you can contact the Customer Service at (386) 986-2360, or by using the Citizens Issue Tracking System.
I haven't received a bill in several months. What should I do?
Contact the Customer Service at (386) 986-2360, or let us know about the issue using the Citizens Issue Tracking System.
My garbage has not been picked up. Who do I contact?
Questions about garbage pick-up should be directed to Customer Service at (386) 986-2360, or by the Citizens Issue Tracking System. You can click here to find out when garbage is picked up in your area.
I have a question regarding stormwater. Who should I contact?
Call Customer Service at (386) 986-2360. Issues can also be submitted via the Citizen Issue Tracking System.
My PEP tank light on the side of my house is red; who do I call?
That red light indicates there is a problem with your PEP tank, which is part of the City's sewer system. If you see that light on, call Customer Service at (386) 986-2360.
I am a builder and need to request a PEP Tank installation. How do I do that?
You can call Customer Service at (386) 986-2360 and request the PEP Tank Installation Form, or you can fill out the form online here.
I've been approached by someone telling me I need a home water treatment system or filter for my drinking water. Do I need this?
Your city's water supply meets or exceeds all federal, state and local drinking water standards. Click here for more information on home water treatment system sale scams.
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