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Strategic Action Plan

Each year City Council conducts a comprehensive strategic action plan review. The process kicks-off with the presentation of Citizen Survey results to City Council at the beginning of the calendar year. During the annual review, City Council Priorities are identified and strategies are developed to ensure that priorities are addressed. In June 2020, City Council reaffirmed direction provided in previous year(s) and adopted by Resolution eight Focus Areas with supporting Priorities.

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Performance Management

2020 Certificate of distinction from ICMA

During the Strategic Action Plan evaluation process, department planning is well under way. Through quarterly meetings withthe City Manager, departments provide updates regarding their year-to-date performance while sharing accomplishments along with issues or concerns. These meetings also serve to develop strategies and performance measures for the upcoming year to ensure City Council's direction and priorities will be met. These measures serve to track and calculate progress towards the overall goal set by City Council. Data is collected and evaluated to gauge performance and efficiencies to provide exceptional service to our citizens.

In June 2019, the City launched a new platform that collects data, drives efficiencies, tracks level of service, and enhance transparency all with the customer in mind. The Palm Coast Connect app that makes it faster and easier than ever to reach the City at any time ofthe day or night, and from virtually anywhere. It helps citizens identify issues that needs to be addressed while ensuring quick response while improving customer service. It provides staff the ability to track issues real time and provide constant updates to the customer. Theproduced data has improved response time, standardized internal processes and establish priority resources based on analytical data.

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As the City of Palm Coast drives innovation through these efforts, the utilization of data driven decision-making has gained recognition in 2020. Through the International City/County Management Association Center for Performance Analytics, the City was recognized its performance management efforts with a Certificate of Distinction. Also in 2020, the City of Palm Coast won the Voice of the People Award in the 'Transformation in Foundations of Livability' which reflects residents' views on the general direction of the local government and commitment to best practices in moving the community forward. The award is granted to communities that have seen a significant increasein favorable ratings through survey results.