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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Milissa Holland

August 2017

"Business-friendly" is one of those buzz words you may keep hearing around town. It characterizes Palm Coast's practices as being conducive to business concerns. In a broader sense, it refers to our guidelines for building standards that ensure a level playing field, support a new company's infrastructure for water, design, planning and technology and reinforces our community's access to a diverse, educated workforce.

Businesses want to move here because we have 85,000 residents whom they believe will want to purchase their goods and services. Likewise, residents often move here because we offer the businesses where they prefer to shop. As a City Council, our challenge is to strike a diplomatic balance to uphold the architectural and landscape standards that are amicable for both our businesses and residents.

To this end, we continue to make improvements to our permitting and development review. This includes adjusting our technology (on-line applications and payments; electronic submittals; electronic simultaneous reviews); process improvements (pre-submittal courtesy reviews; weekly technical review team meetings with applicants; performance measures for quick review turnaround time; streamline residential and zoning reviews - over the counter; simplified transportation impact fees; designated project managers).

Once new businesses open in our community and people shop locally, more money is spent right here in Palm Coast. We've invested this money for park improvements, landscape beautification projects, fiberNET and miles of magnificent multi-purpose trails. This cycle goes back to business-friendly as being the catalyst for the growth of our population, the money we spend locally to build our infrastructure and the employment opportunities we make available to our residents.

Here's what some of our new business owners are telling us:

Gary Heckel, Co-owner of Dunkin Donuts: "Palm Coast was a big help to us in the rebuilding of the Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins on Palm Coast Parkway. It started from the initial meeting with us, our general contractor and the various people from the Community Development Department we would be dealing with on the project. They were readily available whenever we had questions or needed help with anything and they were there for us from start to finish. Community Development inspectors were always available whenever we needed help and they were always very prompt when we called for an inspection. We look forward to our next project with the City."

Jack Barrett, Vice President of Superwash Car Wash: "I've had years of experience working with different cities in Florida, and Palm Coast was definitely one of the most professional and intelligent groups to work with and they did so without compromising their high standards for community development. They were always willing to listen and implement modifications when needed. Just take a look around the beautiful orderly community: you can tell they care."

Sompong Banchanurat, Owner of Thai by Thai Restaurant: "The service we received at the building department was fast and very good for business. Customers here wanted us to stay in Palm Coast, so we were able to open in a bigger space without much trouble."

This year, doors are opening at new retail shops, car washes, banks, super- markets, restaurants and gas stations. We're also welcoming brand new senior assisted living residences to town. Our feedback has been really positive and we look forward to partnering with new incoming businesses in the near future.

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