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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

June 2016

Our new Matanzas Woods Interchange is not just your ordinary cloverleaf on I-95. It symbolizes the connection between Palm Coast's steady growth and prosperity and its status as a great place to live, work and play. It's our City's third, and now most impactful access to Florida's primary interstate highway. 

The spring opening of this interchange at Matanzas Woods Parkway signals increasing expansion potential in our area. What was originally proposed as an emergency evacuation route evolved into direct access to subsequent mixed use development areas and retail shopping near the northern third of Palm Coast. It also improves economic prospects along US 1, alleviates congestion on Palm Coast Pkwy. and cuts drive times to and from shopping, schools, entertainment venues and airports - a valuable element in our everyday lives. 

As new access in and out of Flagler County, City Council is doing its part to upgrade infrastructure to keep pace with potential growth. Completing the widening Palm Coast Pkwy. to six lanes was one of those essential projects. Constructing a second wastewater treatment plant is a new undertaking. It is anticipated that our existing wastewater plant on Utility Drive will exceed capacity by 2018, so our second plant will come online in late 2017 or early 2018 to meet projected future growth. The new facility will have a capacity to treat an additional 2 million gallons of wastewater per day, with a design that allows for additional expansion in the future. 

Finishing extensions of Palm Harbor Pkwy. and Old Kings Rd. that connect to a traffic signal at Matanzas Woods Pkwy. is yet another endeavor. These projects carry traffic on a direct route to Matanzas Woods Pkwy. and I-95, keeping vehicles off streets in our quiet neighborhoods and in front of Matanzas High School. 

With continued growth in our City, the challenge for City Council is to plan ahead so we don't fall behind. Our infrastructure and services must keep pace with this growth, allotting plenty of time for organizing, designing, planning, implementing and maintenance to successfully achieve a fine balance that keeps in step with anticipated progress. This process is painstaking and delicate. But it's certainly a great position for Palm Coast to be situated after several years of economic downfall. 

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