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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

April 2016

What do Poway, California and Palm Coast, Florida have in common? Both cities entered last year's National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation for cities with a population between 30,000 and 99,900. Poway won first place and Palm Coast came in seventh because a larger percentage of Poway residents pledged to conserve. 

This year, Palm Coast - it's our turn.

Please join me to participate in the 2016 National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation. If you to go online to www.mywaterpledge.com, you can make a pledge on behalf of Palm Coast to conserve water, save energy and reduce pollution. This Challenge is fitting support for the character of our City. We've always been united in a focused quest for safeguarding our natural resources, setting us apart as unwavering leaders of community conservation. And we've accumulated many prestigious regional awards recognizing our efforts.

Aside from these awards, we're protecting resources by upgrading our utilities. We've modified the process at two water treatment plants to more adequately provide safe drinking water utilizing improved conservation methods. We've added a Zero Liquid Discharge water treatment process to recover previously wasted water. Our conservation and awareness programs presented to the community include newsletters, exhibits and social media or visit www.palmcoastgov.com.

To accommodate our further growth and ever-expanding need for preservation, we are breaking ground this year for construction of a second wastewater plant - this one located west of US1 near Matanzas Woods Parkway. It is anticipated that our existing wastewater plant on Utility Drive will exceed capacity by 2018 so a second plant will come online in late 2017 to meet projected future growth. The new state-ofthe-art facility will ensure that your wastewater from showers, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers and toilets is pumped and collected for advanced treatment and disinfecting at the highest quality level for conservation and reclamation for irrigation of public and private properties.

What can you do to conserve more water? Save the flush. Shower instead of bathe. Check your hoses and indoor/outdoor faucets for leaks. Don't keep the water running when you brush your teeth or wash dishes. You have the entire month of April to go online to www.mywaterpledge.com to make your pledge, but please don't put it off. Why not log on while you're reading this? Together, we can win this competition and even be eligible for a few great prizes. Better yet, we can solidify Palm Coast's legacy as a winner in the race to save our common resources. It's the smallest things we do that make the biggest difference. 

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