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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Milissa Holland

December 2016

Driving down I-95 last week, I exited at Palm Coast Parkway, turned east and decelerated along the canopies of the century-old oaks that line our Parkway. The road felt like it was cut out of a forest. As I approached, leaves blew open to allow the late afternoon sun to shine on me. As I marveled in this simple act of driving home, it struck me that I'd found the perfect topic to share with you for my first newsletter column as your Mayor.

What is it that inspires people to want to live, work and play in a City like Palm Coast?

How did we get to this point in time when we have so much beauty and peace to preserve around us? In Palm Coast, our history is not too distant. We know that in the 1970's, ITT Corporation purchased these forests, waterways and estuaries and built a planned community with homes, roads, utilities and recreational amenities. How lucky we are that our founding fathers laid out our community with so much of what we value today, including miles of hiking/biking trails, tennis and golf clubs, waterways and a marina for fishing, kayaking and boating.

These amenities drew visitors and residents who began fueling our economy. Executives and businesses started to locate here and we became a magnet for active retirees and young families. We swiftly grew from about 10,000 to 80,000 residents, so many attracted to our City by a vision of what a community can be when quality of life considerations are the heart of its soul. This is perhaps what I love most about Palm Coast - the very thing that gives us all a sense of place here.

I often think strongly about how I want to do my part to make this a great place to call home not only for the present, but also for future generations. The decisions we make to support our natural resources and quality of life contribute to the well-being for everyone. I believe community-wide involvement is needed to help reach this goal. Citizen, business and government leaders all have important contributions to make together.

I see positive development ahead for Palm Coast. Our City continues to expand green spaces and parks. We are assisting students to develop skills for high paying jobs by offering them internship opportunities in our departments. We see new cultural arts venues coming to town as we open the Palm Coast Arts Foundation's fabulous new outdoor music venue in Town Center. We continue to expand our miles of nature trails.

Now it is my turn to step forward as your Mayor and help solidify our community's commitment to managing our vibrant growth while protecting all of the natural beauty we hold so close.

Our sense of place in Palm Coast matters to all of us and I want our upcoming generations to look back on this time and say it is their good fortune that we preserved this rich community experience for each of them.

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