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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

February 2015

Palm Coast is preparing to tackle several significant construction projects that will revitalize our older neighborhoods and enhance leisure and recreation opportunities for our residents. City Council has been tasked with structuring a practical timeline to renovate two of our facilities - James Holland Park and the Palm Coast Community Center - and to schedule construction in such a way that keeps meeting rooms, sports facilities and restrooms open to the public while saving money. Here's some background on our thinking process: 

The plan for rehabilitating James Holland Park is certainly ambitious. It is Palm Coast's first, largest and oldest park. This year, we will replace utility infrastructure, correct drainage and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues, build a new dog park, shuffleboard, horseshoe pit, walking trail and fitness stations. A portion of the playground will be upgraded, parking space will be expanded and new lighting added. Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts will be improved and the existing restroom building will be repaired. The majority of the park will need to be closed during construction. 

Our Palm Coast Community Center is also one of our oldest facilities and in need of repair and reconstruction. The design and construction management team determined that closing the Center and completing the renovation in one phase would be safer for the public and more cost-efficient. Closing the Community Center to the public will save approximately $560,000 because construction crews would not have to provide temporary generator service and portable bathrooms. In addition, the construction timeframe will be shorter by six months so construction crews will not need to return for costly remobilization. 

If we close the Community Center, where will community groups meet and where will City Council hold its workshops and meetings? To accommodate these essential needs, City Council accelerated the Central Park Community Wing of the new City Hall in Town Center, originally scheduled to be built in 2019. Once construction is completed at the end of 2015, we'll have a brand new Council Chamber, expandable public meeting rooms with a kitchenette available for event rentals and restrooms accessible to outside park visitors. Building the wing now will save approximately $500,000 because the City will be completing two construction phases at one time. When the public begins using these new facilities, we then will be able to close the Community Center for renovation. 

All three projects are connected in one very meaningful way: they will enrich the quality and character of the way Palm Coast residents live, work and play. Completing construction at Holland Park, the City Hall Community Wing and the Palm Coast Community Center within a sensible timeline, while saving our citizens money, is the key to making our future better - together. 

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