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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

August 2014

Your doorbell rings and you find a contractor at the other side of your front door, validating that your roof needs repair or your trees need to be trimmed. His/her business card looks legitimate and the truck logo seems official, but please remember that you need to be cautious. Whether you've requested a quote or not, you need to verify that the person standing at your door is a professionally licensed contractor.

Why? It's hurricane season and the perfect time of year when all sorts of construction 'providers' look for new customers. Consider these possible consequences of having an unlicensed contractor do your work:

- You may eventually be liable for personal or financial reimbursements or property damage because an unlicensed contractor has no insurance.
- Unscrupulous service providers can disappear with your deposit money and not complete a job.
- Con artists often pose as experts, taking advantage of homeowners at vulnerable times of year.

Hiring a professional is not just good protection for you. It is a Florida law. Only the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has the legal authority to discipline an unlicensed contractor or revoke a license.

This is a partial list of construction industry services that require a license:
Air conditioning • General or residential contractor (including aluminum closure repairs) Electrician • Plumber • Pool contractor • Roofer Sheet metal or solar contractor

To protect yourself from unlicensed contractors or salespeople who come to your door, always ask to see an official Door-to-Door Solicitation Permit. Only religious organizations or political candidates are exempt from carrying this permit.

Hurricane season is here, so especially this time of year, ask to see a license before hiring a contractor. Ask friends and family for specific referrals. You can verify a license number by contacting the City's Building Department at 986-3780 or log onto www.myfloridalicense.com. If you encounter unlicensed activity, report it at 1-850-487-1395. If you have a question about a Solicitation Permit, call 386-986-3766.

Let's help protect each other to make sure unscrupulous contractors or deceitful salespeople are not welcome in Palm Coast.

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