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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

April 2014

In 1979, Palm Coast had scarcely been carved out of swamp and forest by ITT Corporation, beginning its journey to grow as a viable City. New roads, signage and utilities were installed and new homes were built. And Publix unveiled a beautiful new supermarket at the Palm Harbor Shopping Center. The store anchored our City's first state-of-the-art shopping venue and elevated surrounding property values for thousands of residents in this brand new planned community.

Thirty-five years later, history is about to repeat itself. Next year, Publix will be positioned as the flagship of an emerging new shopping area in the northeast section of our City. Their new 9,000 square foot store will become the heart of what will be known as the new Island Walk Shopping Center, rising within the borders of the existing Palm Harbor Center. Michael Collard Properties of Winter Park, Florida will construct the expansive development with storefronts for existing businesses as well as many new ones.

We hope this endeavor will bring a dynamic commercial boost to Palm Coast. City Council's Prosperity 2021 Plan for growing our local economy designates this specific Palm Coast Parkway East area as a target location for rehabilitation and regrowth. The Island Walk Center will again introduce brand new shopping opportunities to this area and again enhance the value of surrounding real estate. Creating new jobs in Palm Coast is another key outcome.

It is anticipated that the first phase of the project will begin on the western end of Island Walk, along Old Kings Rd. The new Publix store construction will follow, locating the anchor in approximately the middle of the complex. Entrances and exits on the east and west ends of the Center will remain, with a new exit to westbound Palm Coast Parkway added in the south parking lot.

As soon as construction begins, we'll know more about the retailers who are showing interest in moving to Palm Coast. We do know what types of shops that will not be opening in Island Walk: tattoo/piercing parlors; gambling businesses; funeral parlor; flea market; motorized vehicle repairs; pawn shop; adult entertainment; nightclub; pool room.

It's time to break the cycle of closing and revolving businesses on the northeast side of Palm Coast. I'm personally proud to see that history will be repeating itself at the Island Walk Center. Let's all welcome this new shopping experience by making sure that it not only looks extraordinary, but is also extraordinarily supported by all of our residents.

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