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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

February 2014

It takes only a few moments for a natural disaster to transform your entire life. Palm Coast residents saw it happen with the 1985 and 1998 wildfires. Three 2004 hurricanes gave us a glancing blow. And we were again reminded of the destructive force of Mother Nature when a tornado touched down in our community on December 14. We can't avoid the random possibility of these disasters, but we can mitigate some of the stress and destruction they cause. What can you do?

Enroll in CodeRed.

The City uses this system to alert you of imminent local emergencies. This service is free of charge. Register your contact information by calling 386-986-2360 or go to the City website, www.palmcoastgov.com.

Don't hire unlicensed contractors for repairs.

After disasters, unqualified workers may try to take advantage of your vulnerable position by charging you less money, but not completing the work or doing so improperly. Always hire contractors who are bonded, licensed and insured to avoid serious problems. To identify businesses that are licensed, log on to www.palmcoastgov.com, click on the "I Want To" section (on the left side of the home page), then press "Find" and "Contractors" or "Local Business Search". You can also call the City's Business Tax Receipt Department at 386-986-3766.

Follow these general tips all year long:

Have your roof inspected for loose shingles; make sure your portable generator is consistently in good working condition; purchase a weather alert radio and keep it turned on; maintain the trees and shrubs alongside your home; determine ahead of time which location in your home to use as your designated safe room; review your homeowners insurance to update your flood and wind-storm coverage; call FPL (1-800-4OUTAGE) if you lose electricity.

Please carefully consider these emergency action recommendations as a family priority. Wildfire and hurricane season is just around the corner.

Also please know that City of Palm Coast emergency responders are always prepared to assist in any crises or unforeseen occurrence that befalls our citizens. Crews from Utility, Fire, Stormwater, Customer Service and Public Works departments take seriously the safety of your family and your property.

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