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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

June 2013

It's often been said that a happy employee is a productive employee. Thanks to a new 'LITE' staff program that allows Palm Coast employees to tackle specific projects beyond the scope of their routine daily functions, our staff is proving this motto to be accurate. Palm Coast City employees have become more committed public servants....and they are not taking their new assignments 'LITE-LY'. Let me explain.

The City's new LITE program (Leadership Intern Training Experience) encouraged six teams of employees to come together from different departments such as recreation, utility, stormwater, community development and public works to study and recommend strategies for a variety of issues that needed particular attention. Topics included infrastructure and capital projects issues, City Council goals and objectives, an evaluation process for better City department efficiency, Florida Agricultural Museum goals and employee training, retention and motivation.

The outcomes from this LITE experience provided significant value for our employees. Staff teams acquired substantial knowledge and skills beyond their traditional roles. They gained a mutual respect for their fellow employees, as well as a better understanding of the functions of other departments. They also learned to trust that their own suggestions mattered to the entire organization. One of our employees evaluated their experience by saying, "I now understand more about where I work, how things run and how decisions are made. Working with different people gave me a new perspective of everything and it made me want to strive even harder to get things done for our community."

For our citizens, nothing could be more important than courteous and proficient service for those who are seeking prompt answers and direction. Empowered and energized City employees are crucial to a unified, well-informed Palm Coast population.

LITE teams are now generating ideas for developing alternative finance methods for capital projects, implementing employee service recognition awards, generating a training program for employees similar to our community Citizen's Academy classes and creating a uniform process for reporting department progress to City Council.

Just how special is this program? Our Leadership Intern Training Experience was honored by the Florida City & County Management Association with their Career Excellence Award. City Manager Jim Landon was recognized for initiating the LITE Team concept as a successful approach to expand and build a strong city and government. All of us are proud to be served by such creative and highly motivated public servants. Government works best when their employees work well together.

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