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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Jon Netts

April 2013

It was just a few decades ago that Palm Coast was known as a small rural town in north Florida with just a scattering of stoplights and a few basic stores. Fast forward to the present and you'll find that our City has swiftly grown up. According to an analysis of the 2010 National Census, Palm Coast became the most populated City in the newly designated Palm Coast/Daytona Beach/Port Orange Urbanized Area. And, under Federal Law, this distinction has generated a seat for us on the regional TPO board.

Our participation in this TPO, or Transportation Planning Organization, gives Palm Coast a forum to identify and voice our own priorities for improvements to various modes of transportation - roadways, bridges, pedestrian walkways/bike paths and even mass transit. The group's mission is to provide safe and accessible regional mobility in a fiscally-responsible, energy efficient and environmentally compatible manner.

The key word in this mission statement is 'regional'. Our transportation planning will now be of a more regional nature, integrating with our Volusia County neighbors to more cohesively plan within and beyond our own borders. For example, we can help to determine if roads should extend from one county to another. Or, we can strive to keep the number of lanes on various roads consistent when crossing county lines. We can research new funding opportunities to help plan, design and extend bike trails across our Flagler County borders or provide for roadway safety improvements.

Our TPO participation is all about a wider regional perspective, looking at growing transportation systems from one community to another as we join this collaborative partnership to form a larger regional entity.

TPO membership is brand new for Palm Coast, so cooperative ideas and plans are still developing. To promote cohesiveness, the group is considering several suggestions for new names for what was the 'Volusia TPO'—possibly something like 'Move 386' with a new logo that could reinforce their cooperative spirit. As a player in the Palm Coast/Daytona Beach/Port Orange Urbanized Area we can now participate in decision making that affects our transportation destiny rather than asking others to address our priorities. Stay tuned for more information as we navigate this untraveled road.

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