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Message From The Mayor

Mayor Milissa Holland

August 2018

Your City Council takes its responsibility for setting taxes very seriously. We recognize the amount of money you pay for your government services is an important part of your family budget. We carefully work to set a budget each year, one that establishes the most efficient and essential costs each taxpayer will need to pay for those City services.
In August, you'll be receiving your annual Notice of Proposed Property Taxes for 2018. This is a preliminary notice that shows your local governments are making plans. Your City Council very thoroughly goes through a budget-making process that involves utilizing the results from a citizen survey, implementing a strategic planning process, public workshops and hearings. All expenditures have a meaningful purpose and value to our residents. We focus on how much money it takes to keep the City running to the standards our residents expect, all the while understanding we are spending tax payer money. The budget relies on conservative projections and reflects the City's commitment to spend every dollar wisely.
It can sometimes be confusing to sort out which of your government entities deliver which services. Please know that each government body can only modify the services they each provide. Council is limited only to Palm Coast's sphere of authority. What should you know?
PROPERTY TAX BILL (Only 22% of your entire annual tax bill goes directly to the City of Palm Coast.)
Other taxing authorities on your bill include Flagler County, Flagler County School District, St. Johns River Water Management District, East Flagler Mosquito Control District and the Florida Inland Navigation District. Your City property taxes pay for: Fire & law enforcement protection; Streets & Parks Maintenance; Capital Projects
Monthly services include water and sewer to and from your home; garbage, yard waste and household hazardous waste pickup; recycling; stormwater drainage maintenance. Your monthly fees pay for: Garbage and recycling services, maintaining 500+ miles of water/wastewater pipes; 70 miles of freshwater and saltwater canals; 150+ miles of interconnected ditches; 1,200+ miles of roadside swales; 500+ miles of water/wastewater pipes
Spending your money locally for gas, groceries, clothing, gifts and dining out returns tax dollars directly back to our community. Your local spending helped pay for: Community Center & Holland Park complete makeovers; multi-use pathways
You can learn more about budgets and spending by going online to: www.palmcoastgov.com/vca or www.palmcoastgov.com/government/finance/budget

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