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City Attorneys

Garganese / Weiss / D'Agresta And Salzman Attorneys At Law

The City of Palm Coast proudly contracts with the law firm of Garganese Weiss D’Agresta & Salzman, PA for its legal services.

The firm provides superior, innovative legal services to the City, with integrity, commitment and pride, while contributing to the well-being of our community. The firm provides legal services in a multitude of areas for the City. In accordance with the contract, the firm bills the City of Palm Coast through a monthly retainer. In addition to the retainer the firm will bill the City for non-retainer issues such as litigation and special services.

The primary attorney designated to the City of Palm Coast is Neysa Borker. In addition to the primary attorney, the City is represented by the following attorneys and their legal staff on a daily basis:

Neysa J. Borkert City Attorney

Neysa J. Borkert

Senior Attorney

Primary City Attorney

William E. Reischmann, Jr City Attorney

William E. Reischmann Jr.

Code Enforcement/Contracts


Anthony A. Garganese City Attorney

Anthony A. Garganese


Land Use, Economic Development, Real Estate

Jeffrey S. Weiss, Jr City Attorney

Jeffrey S. Weiss


Risk Management and Insurance Claims

Catherine D. Reischmann City Attorney

Catherine D. Reischmann


Planning and Land Development, Real Estate

Debra S. Babb-Nutcher City Attorney

Debra S. Babb-Nutcher


Litigation, Real Estate and Eminent Domain

Erin J. O’Leary

Erin J. O’Leary

Of Counsel


Jennifer Barrington Nix

Jennifer Barrington Nix

Senior Attorney

Code Enforcement/Animal Control

Scott D. Danahy

Scott D. Danahy


Employment Law

Amelia M. Ulmer City Attorney

Amelia M. Ulmer


Mark L. Van Valkenburgh City Attorney

Mark L. Van Valkenburgh

Of Counsel

For more information on each attorney, please click on their portraits

If you need assistance relating to City business, please contact the City Clerk/Paralegal

Virginia A. Smith, MMC/CP at 386-986-3709 or vsmith@palmcoastgov.com