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ITB-CD-20-14 Details

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Issue Date : 12/18/2019
Pre-Bid Meeting : 1/9/2020 12:00 AM
Pre-Bid Location : City Hall, 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164 Conference Room to be assigned
Due Date : 1/30/2020 2:00 PM
Scope: The City of Palm Coast is seeking Bids from qualified Contractors for Construction of Old Kings Road Widening. Qualified Contractors are those determined to be responsible and responsive in accordance to all requirements of this bid process. The project consists of the widening and resurfacing of Old Kings Road from a 2-lane undivided roadway to a 4-lane divided roadway with curb and gutter, raised curbed grass medians and 8’ wide sidewalks. The proposed lane widths are 11 feet wide. The project limits are from the southern intersection of Kingswood Drive to east of Kings Way Road. The project is approximately 0.661 miles. The project is an off-system project with no impact on any on-system roads. Improvements during roadway construction include: clearing and grubbing, removal of existing concrete, excavation, embankment, type B stabilization, optional base, asphalt construction, milling and resurfacing, signing and pavement markings, sodding, maintenance of traffic, traffic separator, curb and gutter, guardrail removal, detectable warning surfaces, gravity walls, end walls, pipe handrail, pedestrian/bicycle railing, lighting, landscaping, irrigation, reconstruction of concrete sidewalks (6” and 4” thick), mailbox relocations, and erosion control. Drainage modifications include installation of pipe culverts, manholes, inlets, mitered end sections, and regrading of swales. Improvements to the intersections at Old Kings Road and Palm Coast Parkway and Old Kings Road and Celico Way include installation of mast arms, traffic signals, pedestrian features, conduit, directional bore and installation of pull and splice boxes. The contractor is responsible for coordination of all utility adjustments and relocations throughout the duration of the project. Additional right-of-way and easements were obtained. CONTRACT TIME: Total construction time to achieve Substantial Completion is 274 consecutive calendar days from the date of the “Notice to Proceed,” with an additional thirty (30) consecutive calendar days to achieve Final Completion. The proposer will also be responsible complying with all requirements of the State-Funded Grant Agreement between the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Palm Coast.

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