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Photo Contest

Congratulations 2016 Winners

Jet skiers and boaters on Palm Coast's beautiful waterways, a little girl's teddy bear picnic, beautiful birds, amazing sunsets, children at play, wildlife and lovely park scenes are among the winning images in the Palm Coast Find Your Florida 2016 Photography Contest.

Winners are being awarded gift certificates to local businesses - $200 for first place, $100 for second, $50 for third, $40 for best bird and youth categories, and $10 for honorable mention. Winning photographs can be viewed on the City's website at www.palmcoastgov.com/photocontest. Winning photographers will be recognized at the Aug. 2 Palm Coast City Council meeting, and their photographs will be displayed that evening.

The 2016 winners are:

First Place - "Like a Feather in the Breeze" (Snowy Egret photo) by Steven Sobel

Second Place - "Teddy Bear Picnic" by Rachel Dolezal

Third Place - "People enjoying the Marina" by John A. Pascucci

Best Bird - "Red Shouldered Hawk" by Christopher Lemke

Best Youth - "Baseball Field" by Selena Munoz

Overall Honorable Mentions:

"A Stroll in the Park" by Duane Van Horn

"Beautiful View up Canal" by John A. Pascucci

"Catching Rays" (alligator along the shore) by Duane Van Horn

"Central Park Sunset" by Marcia Jewell

"Colored Spheres…our beautiful Palm Coast sunset Jewel dancing with bubbles and walking our wonderful walk" by Duane Van Horn

"Daddy with Daughter" by Rachel Dolezal

"Good Morning" (sunrise) by Richard Acheson

"Morning Fog" by Richard Acheson

"Protecting the baby…" (alligator with baby) by Gwen McCarthy

Best Bird Honorable Mentions:

"Two Birds" by Emilie Vellarejos

"Egret in Full Mating Plumage" by Gwen McCarthy

"Fore! - Sandhill Cranes Ahead" by Gwen McCarthy

Winners were selected by the City of Palm Coast Brand Plus Team (branding and social media) in blind judging. There were 330 submissions that met the qualifications of the contest, from 102 photographers.

The City held a separate photo contest for employees and their immediate families, as they were not eligible to participate in the public contest. Nine employee photographers submitted 159 photos that met the qualifications of the contest. The winners of that contest were:

First Place - "Arbor Day Fun" by Heather Priestap

Second Place - "Saving a Spot" (Waterfront Park pier) by Tom Hanson

Third Place - "Hungry Squirrel" by Lucy Nabico

Best Bird - "Great Blue Heron in Golden Light" by Lucy Nabico

Overall Honorable Mentions:

"Butterfly hat" by Barbie Bembry

"City Centre Strong" by Tom Hanson

"I (heart) Palm Coast" by Lucy Nabico

"Kayakers" by Lucy Nabico

"Our Finest" (Palm Coast Fire Honor Guard) by Tom Hanson

"River Travel" (Waterfront Park bird sculptures) by Tom Hanson

"Slide Selfie" by Barbie Bembry

"Strongmen" by Barbie Bembry

Best Bird Honorable Mention:

"Sunbathing" (Loggerhead Shrike) by Heather Priestap

Photographs submitted for both contests will be used by the City for marketing, promotional and public relations purposes such as publications, videos and websites to promote the City of Palm Coast.

"We want to thank the 102 participating photographers for sharing their talents and beautiful images with us in the 2016 Find Your Florida Photo Contest," said Cindi Lane, Palm Coast Communications & Marketing Manager. "We look forward to using these photos on the City website, in brochures, on social media and in other ways to promote our beautiful community."

"Our annual photo contest has become a fun family tradition, and this year we received more than 300 excellent photos that showcase what makes Palm Coast special - the people, the natural environment and community spirit," Lane said. "It was very difficult to pick just a few winners. Thank you to everyone who entered!"

For more information, contact Cindi Lane at 386-986-3708 or clane@palmcoastgov.com.

2016 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - Like a Feather in the Breeze - Steven Sobel 2nd Place - Teddy Bear Picnic - Rachel Dolezal 3rd Place - People enjoying the Marina - John A. Pascucci Honorable Mention - A Stroll In the Park - Duane Van Horn Honorable Mention - Beautiful View up Canal - John A. Pascucci Honorable Mention - Catching Rays - Duane Van Horn Honorable Mention - Central Park Sunset - Marcia Jewell Honorable Mention - Colored Spheres - Duane Van Horn Honorable Mention - Daddy with Daughter - Rachel Dolezal Honorable Mention - Good Morning - Richard Acheson Honorable Mention - Morning Fog - Richard Acheson Honorable Mention - Protecting the Baby - Gwen McCarthy (Youth) 1st Place - Baseball Field - SelenaMunoz (Best Bird) Honorable Mention - Two Birds - Emilie Villarejos (Best Bird) Honorable Mention - Egret in Full Mating Plumage - Gwen McCarthy (Best Bird) Honorable Mention - "Fore!" Sandhill Cranes Ahead - Gwen McCarthy (Best Bird) 1st Place - Red Shouldered Hawk - Christopher Lemke

2016 Employee Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - Arbor Day Fun - Heather Priestap 2nd Place - Saving A Spot - Tom Hanson 3rd Place - Lucy Nabico Honorable Mention - Strongmen - Barbie Bembry Honorable Mention - Butterfly Hat - Barbie Bembry Honorable Mention - Slide Selfie - Barbie Bembry Honorable Mention - River Travel - Tom Hanson Honorable Mention - Our Finest - Tom Hanson Honorable Mention - Lucy Nabico 2 Honorable Mention - Lucy Nabico Honorable Mention - City Centre Strong - Tom Hanson (Best Bird) Honorable Mention - Sunbathing - Heather Priestap (Best Bird) 1st Place - Lucy Nabico

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