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This page was printed from : http://www.palmcoastgov.com/photocontest/winners
2015 Photo Contest

Palm Coast, Fla. - Children celebrating after a soccer game, City parks, friends enjoying a game of golf, beautiful birds, flowers and insects in nature, fishing fun and lovely landscapes and views are among the winning images in the Palm Coast Find Your Florida 2015 Photography Contest.

Winners are being awarded gift certificates to local businesses - $200 for first place, $100 for second, $50 for third, and $10 for honorable mention. Winning photographs can be viewed on the City's website at www.palmcoastgov.com/photocontest and will be displayed at a City facility. Winning photographers will be recognized at the Aug. 5 Palm Coast City Council meeting.

The 2015 winners are:

First Place - "We are the Champions Again" (youth soccer) by Ilya Ellerin

Second Place - "Making Friends" (at Palm Harbor Golf Club) by Duane Van Horn

Third Place - TIE: "Perfect Path" (Town Center pathway) by Tyson Kinnison

Third Place - TIE: "Where is my Hook" (fisherman) by Ilya Ellerin

Honorable mentions:

  • "Valentine's Day" (birds with worm) by Ilya Ellerin
  • "Purple Wildflower looks like Fireworks" (purple flower) by Marjorie Casey
  • "Backyard Fun" (playing in the pool) by Joan Twing
  • "Fishing Pals" (fishing on boat) by Paula Sala
  • "How's my Yellow Shoes and Mask" (Snowy Egret) by Ilya Ellerin
  • "Sunset with Wildflower" (flower) by Marjorie Casey
  • "Foggy Morning" (Fog on Intracoastal Waterway) by Vern Williams
  • "Marvelous Night for a Moondance" (nighttime at Waterfront Park) by Richard Acheson
  • "Aiming for a Strike" (bowling) by Ilya Ellerin
  • "Blue Dragonfly" (dragonfly) by Marjorie Casey
  • "Red White Blue Butterfly" (butterfly) by Marjorie Casey

Winners were selected by the City of Palm Coast Branding Team in blind judging. There were 436 submissions that met the qualifications of the contest, from 73 photographers.

The City held a separate photo contest for employees and their immediate families, as they were not eligible to participate in the public contest. The winners of that contest were:

First Place - "Trekking Graham Swamp" by Larry Fitzgerald

Second Place - "Trail Winter Look" (Linear Park in black-and-white) by Leo Chumaceiro

Third Place - "Waiting for Mike" (Great Blue Heron on chair) by Mike Beadle

Honorable Mentions:

  • "Boating on the ICW" by Tom Hanson
  • "Biking Graham Swamp Trail" by David Klages
  • "Roundabout and Fountain" by Tom Hanson
  • "Tree Log" by Leo Chumaceiro
  • "Flight of Life" (sculptures at Waterfront Park) by Tom Hanson
  • "Scene Along a Canal" by Larry Fitzgerald

Photographs submitted for both contests will be used by the City for marketing, promotional and public relations purposes such as publications, videos and websites to promote the City of Palm Coast.

"This was our second year for the Find Your Florida Photo Contest, and the photos we received were phenomenal. The judges had a very difficult time selecting just a few winners," said Cindi Lane, Palm Coast communications & marketing manager.

"Our goal with the annual contest is to build community and give photographers an opportunity to share their talents, while also providing the City new photos to use for promoting our beautiful community," Lane said. "Thank you to all the photographers who entered their work. We're already looking forward to next year's contest!"

For more information, contact Cindi Lane at 386-986-3708.

2015 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - 'We are the Champions Again' – Ilya Ellerin 2nd Place - 'Making Friends' – Duane Van Horn 3rd Place TIE - 'Perfect Path' – Tyson Kinnison 3rd Place TIE - 'Where is my Hook' – Ilya Ellerin Honorable Mention - 'Valentine’s Day' – Ilya Ellerin Honorable Mention - 'Aiming for a Strike' – Ilya Ellerin Honorable Mention - 'Backyard Fun' – Joan Twing Honorable Mention - 'Blue Dragonfly' – Marjorie Casey Honorable Mention - 'Fishing Pals' – Paula Sala Honorable Mention - 'Foggy Morning' – Vern Williams Honorable Mention - 'How’s my Yellow Shoes and Mask' – Ilya Ellerin Honorable Mention - 'Marvelous Night for a Moondance' – Richard Acheson Honorable Mention - 'Purple Wildflower looks like Fireworks' – Marjorie Casey Honorable Mention - 'Red White Blue Butterfly' – Marjorie Casey Honorable Mention - 'Sunset with Wildflower' – Marjorie Casey

2015 Employee Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - 'Trekking Graham Swamp' - Larry Fitzgerald 2nd Place - Linear Park 'Trail Winter Look' - Leo Chumaceiro 3rd Place - Great Blue Heron 'Waiting for Mike' - Mike Beadle Honorable Mention - 'Biking Graham Swamp Trail' - David Klages Honorable Mention - 'Boating on the ICW' - Tom Hanson Honorable Mention - 'Flight of Life' - Tom Hanson Honorable Mention - 'Roundabout and Fountain' - Tom Hanson Honorable Mention - 'Scene Along a Canal' - Larry Fitzgerald Honorable Mention - 'Tree Log' - Leo Chumaceiro

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