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PEP Tank Info

For residents with pep tanks, if you should lose power during the storm, you should limit water usage to prevent overflow or backup. So don't do laundry, and flush as infrequently as possible.

Pep stands for Pretreatment Effluent Pumping System and accounts for half of the City's wastewater collection system, with the other half gravity sewer. The PEP system has several distinct characteristics such as smaller pipes made from PVC that does not have to be laid as deeply in the ground as the conventional gravity sewer system and manholes are not required. A simpler way to describe it is a septic tank system but instead of an on-site drain field, the gray water is pumped into the wastewater collection system.

The system was designed and installed during the early development of Palm Coast when owned and operated by ITT Corporation. It was designed as an alternative to gravity sewer as a means of saving the capital expense cost. The system is installed during construction by City staff and is owned and operated by the City; therefore there are certain criteria that must be met to assure the Utility staff can access your system for repair and maintenance. These criteria and more information on the PEP system can be found in the PEP System Information Guide.