Palm Coast - Cleanup of debris from Hurricane Irma began this week, and the City of Palm Coast's contractor is planning a big push this Saturday, Sept. 23. Trucks and crews will be out working in numerous areas across the City.

The City asks residents to separate their debris into three piles:

  • Loose vegetative debris - leaves, logs, plants, tree branches, etc.
  • Construction and demolition debris - building materials, asphalt shingles, drywall, lumber, metal, plastics, etc.
  • Bagged vegetative debris - leaves

Debris should be placed on your property near the curb - NOT on the street. Don't pile vegetative debris on your water meter box or your sewer cleanout cap or your PEP tank lid. The City needs access to these systems at all times.

Debris collection will focus first on the loose vegetative debris. Please be patient. It will take more than one pass through Palm Coast before all the debris (whether bagged or loose) is picked up. Simply leave the debris at curbside until it is picked up. This process is expected to take several weeks.

There will be different types of trucks for different types of debris. For example, grapple trucks may only pick up large logs and branches, whereas a back-loader can handle smaller items. So don't worry if a truck passes your pile and doesn't stop to pick it up. Another truck will come - maybe not today, but soon.

Bags of vegetative debris will be picked up during your regular yard trash day during the week. But again, it may take a couple of passes for them to pick up everything.

Commercial businesses and apartments, townhomes, and condominiums are responsible for their own debris cleanup and hauling. Hurricane debris will not be picked up by Waste Pro. Businesses and multi-family residential developments should not place debris at the curb.

The City will be tracking everything so that we can be reimbursed by FEMA.

Any questions about City of Palm Coast services - garbage and debris collection, water and sewer, streets, drainage - should be directed to Customer Service at 386-986-2360.