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Contractor Permit Types

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We have tried our best to provide all the information necessary on this page to help you understand the process for permitting your project from beginning to the end. 


Shed installers are regulated by the Flagler County Contractor Licensing Board and must obtain a license prior to making application for a permit. http://flaglercounty.org/



*A permit is required for any pre-manufactured shed over 49 square feet. 


*All conventional built sheds of any size require a permit. 



Once you've made application, the permit is usually ready the same or next day.   If any additional information is required, you will receive an email with the details. 


Once you have received your permit, the job card will outline what inspections are necessary for your project.  You may schedule the inspection by calling 386-986-4747 or through this website.  All approved documents are required to be available for the inspector when he arrives.   The inspector will sign your job card if the inspections passes.   


You will need to be on the site to give the inspector access to the job if it is not accessible. 


The permit will remain active for six months from the date of issuance, if the permit expires without the required inspections, a new permit will be required.




What is required to apply for a permit?  


  • Permit application


  • Signed and sealed drawings for sheds built on-site


  • Manufactures specifications (booklet) for pre-fab sheds


  • Survey / site plan      Check our files - http://records.palmcoastgov.com/


    • Proposed size, location, setbacks and dimensions

    • All existing structures

    • Colors and materials of the exterior and roof


  • Landscape plan

    • Shall be screened with a visual buffer planting, solid decorative fencing or wall

    • Plants used shall be native or shall be vegetation that conserves water, is adaptable to local conditions, and is drought tolerant



  • Proof of property ownership - recorded deed or property appraisers office printout


  • Construction lien law affiavit - for jobs greater than $2,500



  • Notice of commencement (certified copy) this is required for any improvements to your property greater than $2,500.The notice of commencement is to be filled out, and recorded with the Flagler County Clerks office in Bunnell.It is not required at the time of permit issuance, but will be required prior to any inspections.




The cost for the permit is $40.00


The following is recommended for anchoring your shed  - http://docs.palmcoastgov.com/departments/building/shed%20anchoring%20system.pdf



You may make application using our online permit submittal - http://www.palmcoastgov.com/eplanreview

(A signed permit application  will not be required for upload if using the online submittal portal)



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