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Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches
Senior Games

Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games

September 9, 2017 - September 16, 2017

Thanks for coming out to this year's Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games. Keep checking back for details on next year's event.

Senior Games Logo

The Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games is a qualifying event for the Florida Senior Games. We have 8 different sports in the Senior Games, with 6 of them being sanctioned events. The first event of the Senior Games commences Saturday, September 9, with Archery, and the final event is on Sunday, September 24, with Ballroom Dancing. The Games are meant for all athletes of every skill level, whether you were an athlete growing up in high school or college or if you became an athlete after. We want to empower your inner athlete and create a fun, social, competitive environment.


NAME: Patty Scott
AGE: 56
EVENTS: Tennis and Cycling

TRYING SOMETHING DIFFERENT: "I've played sports since I was young. I ran more than 100 miles a week in my 20s and became a serious marathon runner. But long-distance running can beat up your body, so I'm trying other sports, and I'm having fun! I participate in the Senior Games as a way to stay fit, have fun and meet people."

TENNIS TIME: "I recently learned to play tennis at the Palm Coast Tennis Center, where I've met some of my favorite people since moving here in 2014. Tennis competition can be intense though, so I'm working hard to improve my game. Learning a new sport takes dedication and commitment. I truly believe that trying new pursuits is helping to keep both my body and my mind sharp."

HER FITNESS TRAINING: "I do a lot of my bike training on spin bikes at the gym. I enjoy the camaraderie of working out in a gym. I do kettle bell circuits, TRX and high-intensity spin classes. They're terrific for seniors because they strengthen your core and increase flexibility, plus they burn tons of calories. I get lots of compliments from younger athletes (including my two sons) about my fitness level and low body fat, which is nice to hear when you're close to 60."

WHAT THE SENIOR GAMES MEANS TO HER: "For me it's a joy and a blessing to be out there still competing at my age, and most importantly, exercising and just having fun. I continue to be inspired by many of my fellow athletes who participate in the Senior Games. The Games are a testament to the human spirit of never giving up."

A FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life Is Like Riding a Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving." - Albert Einstein

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A big thanks to our last Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games sponsors.

Palm Coast Observer
Cora Health Services
Lancaster Archery Supply

This Local Senior Games is sanctioned by the Florida Sports Foundation and a qualifier for the Florida Senior Games State Championships.

Alex Boyer
Parks & Recreation Director
Parks & Recreation
Phone : (386) 986-2323
305 Palm Coast Parkway NE
Palm Coast, FL 32137